32 Stars & Snowflake Elements + 3 Snowflake Backgrounds!

Hey, Leaders! Here’s my Christmas gift to you! Inside this little download are 36 design elements for your holiday campaigns!

Download the OC SOC Stars 2013 Holiday Pack!

A few things to know though:

1. There are 3 backgrounds and those should fit the horizontal cards nicely!

2. There are 15 snowflake elements. They’re white so you won’t see them when you open them but when you upload them into SOC and overlay them on something colorful, you’ll see them.

3. There are 17 star elements. They’re also white like the snowflakes.

4. There is one red banner (like in the graphic above).

5. The snowflakes & stars are smaller files, so if you expand them a lot, they will become fuzzy. If there’s one you love, let me know by filling out a Contact Us form and I’ll send you a larger copy. :)

Here’s what you might see in your computer preview when you open your zip file:

ENJOY! I love our TEAM!

Love, Courtney :)